Bollywood Director Loves MOMO!

Manisha Koirala – Sunil Babu Pant – Director Onir
Bollywood director Onir was recently in Kathmandu for the screening of his latest release ‘I AM’, whilst he was in the capital Onir told the Times of India that the first thing he did was to eat lot’s of momos! He further confirmed his love for the popular dish by saying eating them is like being in heaven. Tell us something new Onir, we go to heaven every other day ;P . 

Jokes apart, the My Brother is Nikhil director had his movie I AM screened at the Rastriya Nachghar. It was organized by the Blue Diamond Society and our very own alik-healthy looking Manisha Koirala was also present at the event. Let’s not forget that she is also acting in the movie. Must’ve been quite a function, the gay MP alongside the gay director in a country which is kaile ho kaile soon to legalize gay marriage. I heard that Onir asked Sunil Babu Pant where the best gay bar was in Kathmandu. LOL – like it exists in Kathmandu! haha!
Lex Limbu
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  1. Baba katti janney lex…. Healthy looking re, by the time y reach 30 I reckon u’d b more healthier than her. Dherai paisa kamayera 😉 n gay bar bichara excited thiyo hola ni tah momo banauney gay partner khojnalai…. Shud open gay bar in Nepal chado nai if gay marriage becomes legal n I think it will be 🙂

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