Promising Filmmaker Shirish Gurung

Kesari from SHIRISH GURUNG on Vimeo.

Kesari is a short film directed by Shirish Gurung. I am a fan of Gurung’s work! The way he goes about with the story-telling is so subtle, it’s soft. It’s easily likable and enjoyable to watch. At a time when party-promo videos and short philims in general scream ‘watch me,watch me’ and do not steer too far from those loud acting it’s an immense pleasure to watch Shirish’s videos be it a promotional teaser for a party or videos such as Kesari. Another reason why Kesari vividly stands out is the acting, Kesari and her brother have done a brilliant job and the smaller characters – bajai etc have to be applauded as well. 

The film was made in England yet it portrays rural Nepal and Gurung has been successful in doing that. I’ve also embedded a promotional video for a party made by Shirish, have a view. It’s certainly different from all the ”Bollywood” inspired NEPALI videos that we see *YawnYawn!

He’s someone I want to work with! I don’t know what I’d do though because acting is not something I want to do again… Hope to see more from Shirish!

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Good job done by the actress in Kesari video. She’s a natural!
    Looking forward to more videos of Shirish Gurung!

  2. I have a question to the director will there be second part of kesari coz I really really want to know what happened to her plz plz make second part 🙂

  3. Really Impressive work and the Moral of the film is something that really need to be taken
    but Would Have More Nice to Watch with some background score music in it..
    Just a suggestion :p

  4. Nepali comment haii: Short movie ekdum dammi cha tara dammi matra bhanyo bhane ali unfair nai huncha.1 kura ma kunai sanka chaina ki director ko bhawishya wujjol cha “bright cha”.Movie ta ekdum ramro cha naramro ta bhannai mildaina tara 2-3 wota kura thiyo director ko lagi.

    1]Nepal ma trrrrrring hoina ting ting ting garera school ko ghanti bajcha.
    2]Ani didi le hw nagarne dai le help nagarna ali lastai namile ne bhayo tara pani in case huncha sakne kura ho.Nepal ko context ma didi bahini haru lai ali hardworking nai manincha.
    3]Actor ko boli ma nepali lawaz aaudaina.Tara UK ma basne Nepal ra nepali lai birse ko chaina yo janda ekdum khushi lagcha ra tyo sabai bhulai dincha.
    4]Cameramen ko hath ma ta jadoo nai cha.
    5]Movie banawune haru including khelne haru sabai nai amateur nai bhaya pani Nepali dhisum dhisum professional harule yo movie herera dherai kura siknu parcha.
    6]Ani k ho Nepal ko sabai creative ra talanted youths haru UK ma nai cha ki k ho.

  5. OMG ! Watching just the kesari and promo video I can bet this is the most TALENTED person Lex has ever digged out in his blog. His work are so real, amazingly genius. I can count on quality of both sound and video too. A+ job Shirish !

  6. amazin job man!yo mv banaunu pachadi jati ko hath cha must say they r all equally talented!keep it up guys :)kesari n her brother hats off

  7. Hats off to the whole crew for an excellent film. However, I must say it was a bit slow at times making me want to forward it but then again the dread of missing out something prevented me from doing so.
    Thanks for an amazing entertaiment.

  8. just loved the video…its not something saying come to our makes ya feel wow seems exciting one.. applause.

  9. Shirish and his antics (LMAO) definitely made my day :). These guys are so unbelievably talented that they sure know to keep us enthusiastically hooked and entertained. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next! 🙂

  10. daami film making bt ajhai thr should hb some decent story or moral..wots dat calld ‘sunn maa sugandh hunthyo’

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