Sexy Sushma Karki Looking BINDAAS

The Udhreko Choli item girl, actress Sushma Karki is guaranteed to have everyone talking with this freshly released poster of her upcoming film BINDAAS. I am intrigued! I would love to see what sorta Bindaas the audience will see at the cinema. Could that be blood smothered across her breast? Oohh this could very well be one of those halka sexy movies with few murders placed in-between huh? Post Chapali Height there are several other films in the pipeline that have heavy focus on sex, the reason is simply because sex sells. And there’s nothing wrong with doing that. Just do it well.
What do you make of Sushma Karki on the film poster? Good, Okay, Bad?

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Girl with angry face, tattooed boob with fake blood ¬.¬ why you show your boobs not the weapons >.< so, from my point of view the story is based on rape, sex, revenge and murder.

  2. I am soooo confused. What is this movie even about. Like seriously?

    It says Bindaas. Then has a picture of a lady with red thing on her face and breast…and one more thing if you closely look at the right side of the chest there is a red star thing with black line kinda like Nepal’s flag?

    So is that suppose to be like something to do with Nepal?…Murder..( = __ =)/

    …..what’s up with the font of Bindaas…wait this a comedy?

    I am gonna cry.

  3. Nepali films has been polluted with such kind of films and posters….Ali kati LOOT le kamayeko izzat pani lutne bhaiyo aba …wayyat

  4. bad. the poster makes no sense at all and the title ‘bindaas’ doesn’t relate to the pic at all! what are we (nep cinema) turning into? i wonder…

  5. What is the point of squeezing her boobs like that? Is that related to the movie at all? Pointless poster

  6. Why would they even call it ‘Bindaas’? And it seems like she going to rub some guy’s penis between her breasts?

  7. It is definitely not looking good. And I wonder what is that supposed to mean. Its not blood, blog is not that color. It looks anything but sexy, or interesting for that matter.

  8. She was the one … when once asked in some talk show about whether she can whistle or not .. and the reply was she is not from the kind of family .. i felt bad of that reply .. coz maximum nepalese knows to whistle ….now i wonder .. what kind of family she comes for .. this Should have been the cover picture for some XXX or XX porn movie ..

    now i can clearly see

  9. BADAR LE BALLA BALLA PAYEKO KERA BOKRAI SANGA KHAYO BHANEKO YEHI HO! naya style ko film haru banauna payo bhandai ma hollywood ra bollywood ko style chori halyo.

  10. wtf is wrong with nepali movies this days …. all most all new movies are getting infected with sex, porno and vulgar dialogues… bigarne bho samaj…

  11. The poster is way off from the title. No connection there. Blood, boobs, bindass. It’s a mess. Whoever had the concept behind this poster needs to rethink again. I don know how the movie is, but this poster definitely needs some polish.

  12. khanchiii narisauna n nanichara yesarii yooo mero maan bindass hudaina timilai dukii dhekdaaa , guys dnt be rude towards her story lay mageyko ho kyaaa hahahaha crazy bitch

  13. Thukka nepali industry k bhako… k ewta loot le safalta pako sab movie mukh chadne, sex related, dudh dekhaune.. sab bhalu haru ho randi haru. sexy bannu tara herda ni alik ramro dekhine hunu ni tesko pornstar jastai cha poster pani

  14. I don’t think it was all necessary for the actress to press her breasts. Anyways, hope the movie is good and fresh. The likes of Loot & Apabaad have lifted the standards of Nepali movie for sure. Cheers.

  15. Seems so vulgar…sex ko barema movie banaunu thik chha but herda pani ghin lagne matter (scenes, dialogues) halnu thik hoina…there should be some art, some serenity….jabarjasti mukh chadera, paisa tire j ni dekhauchhu vanera industry ko beijat nagarau….

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