COD & Aastha Pokharel On NAVYAATA


As Navyaata magazine marks its fourth year in operation, the team have delivered us a double whammy for the next issue. Taking both sexes into account, the creative team at Navyaata have roped in the very popular COD boys and the former Asia’s Next Top Model Aastha Pokharel. Looks like they’ve even gone to the extreme by having Alis Rana go topless. Hmm, clever! Lets hope that translates to increased sales for the magazine 😉

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Original Images.

Navyaata COD

Photography By Sampurna M
Model Bidhan & Alis
Cover by Sameer Sairus
Styled By Sagar Gurung
Navyaata Aastha Pokharel
Photography by Sworup Ranjit
Model Aastha Pokharel
Cover by Sameer Sairus
Styled By Akash Rajbhandari & Sharmila
Hair & Make Up By Sakil Kunwar
Post Production Sworup Ranjit
Text By Akash Rajbhandari
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