Manas Ghale’s New Album MANASICK MEDICINE


Manas Ghale aka LOOREY has recently dropped his second album MANASICK MEDICINE on iTunes! The album which features ten tracks is also available to stream through Spotify and to purchase through Amazon and Google Play. Referred by many as one of the best rappers in the country, sales from Ghale’s MANASICK MEDICINE will also go towards supporting Nepal Quake relief efforts. The rapper along with friends has also been active on the ground distributing relief materials in Nuwakot.

Manas Ghale in his own words “Manasick Medicine, available at , please preview and purchase. As i said earlier, half of the album sales will be given to our people affected by the ‪#‎nepalquake‬ that killed 8000+, injured 15000+ men, women and children, and thousands of homes destroyed in various part of the Nepal. I hope people support my cause and hear my music specially all my fans, hiphop heads, musicians, and everyone else. Im just trying to help nepal with music that helped me become who i am today. Support needed ! Good day ! Natra ‪#‎keraisiti‬
Hajur ko pyaro loorey”

PS. Don’t forget to listen to more previews on YouTube or listen to the full album on Spotify! Support musicians and original music by buying their music.

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