Mountain Air Crash and Goma Air Accident – JUNE 2!

What a sad day for Nepali Aviation!

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Mountain Air Chopper Crashes in Sindhupalchowk

A Mountain Air helicopter which had been carrying relief materials and relief workers crashed in Yamunadada in Sindhupalchowk. According to OnlineKhabar, the helicopter last made contact with Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu at 2.37PM. Four bodies including that of pilot Subek Shrestha have been recovered. A US helicopter also came down during an aid mission on May 12 killing six US Marines and 2 Nepalese soldiers.



Goma Air Accident in Pokhara

Goma Air met with an accident whilst landing in Pokhara airport this morning. The accident occurred after the nosewheel of the aircraft could not be opened. Luckily, all 18 passengers and 3 crew members are safe. The airline took to Facebook to share “The aircraft 9N-AKY has been moved to the parking lot within 15 minutes of incident the nose landing gear which had collapsed is functioning properly now there has been slight damage in the outer skin on the nose section except for that no damage has been seen. Below is the picture of the aircraft being inspected by the Manufacturer engineer”. It has only been few days since Goma Air started flying the Pokhara – Jomsom route.

I hope the cause behind the crash comes to light. Praying for the family, friends and the departed soul.

PS. Photo courtesy of APF and JUKSON.COM

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  1. Dear Lex, the first photo of the Mt. Helicopter crash shows a charred remains of a dead body, if you haven’t paid close attention to it. You could see a person’s socks and his lower half of the body. You could have just posted a pic of the helicopter file photo. I don’t mean to make any sort of issue here but try being observant and considerate while posting photos like this.

    P.S. You could have blurred it as well.

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