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Kirat Rai Yayokkha UK invites students, youths, adults, parents and members of KRY UK to EDUCATION IN THE PARK on Saturday, August 29. The event will be a platform of learning and networking where several key note speakers and invited speakers will share about their career, journey and views. The talk will be delivered by a range of speakers from diplomats, academics, business person, sports person, doctors, army professionals and more. The event is set to commence at 10AM in the morning and conclude at 5.30PM in the afternoon. KRY UK have made the event free for all and that will include refreshments and food.

With the aim to inspire youths and adults to pursue higher education and expose them to a greater range of career prospects, Education in the Park will aim to bring the best minds from the Rai community in the UK. Whilst some might view this event negatively for it only promoting Rai’s, I would focus on its highlight on education and empowerment through the list of professionals who will be delivering their talk. With many other ‘ethnic group’ organisations active in the UK, it would be positive to see similar events from such groups rather than the many events that tend to focus on entertainment and recreation.


The event is open to all.


1. Prof Novel Kishor Rai (PhD) – Professor of linguistic (Nepali) – Tribhuvan University – Former Ambassador of Nepal for Germany (1995 -2000)

2. Mrs Sumaya Rai – Lecturer at Tribhuvan University – Psychology (Graduated 1987 Lalit Narayan Mithila University) Former President of KRY Nepal

3. Major Rtd Dilkumar Rai – Senior Operation Manager GSI

4. Master Rastra Rai (Sgt Rtd) – Artist and Founder of Sagarmatha Taekwondo Dojang

5. Dr Srijana Rai, PhD – Research Associate Fellow- University of Exeter Medical School – Thesis (2013) “Interactions between lung cancer cells and brain microvascular endothelium during metastasis formation”


6. Ms Sahara Rai – Doctoral Researcher/ PhD – University of Birmingham – Investigating the effect of exercise on Alzheimer’s disease

7. Miss Sujata Rai – Civil Engineer, Opus

8. Dr Urmila Rai – ST2 Paediatric – William Harvey Hospital

9. Mrs Bidhata Rai – Chemistry Teacher – Cox Green School – PGCE University of Reading – MA Journalism Broadcast University of Westminster- MSc Chemistry North Bengal University

10. Ms Repsuna Rai – Sister – Frimley Park Hospital – University of Surrey

11. Miss Rezina Rai – Hickman Rose Solicitors – LLM University of Law – LLB University of Leicester

12. Miss Paru Sampang Rai, MSc Pharmacy – University of Reading – Nepalese Society in UOR

13. Ms Sarita Chamling Rai – MA in Human Resources Management – HR Admin coordinator and Clerk – BPMckeefry, HSBC, Yougov, MITIE, MOD

14. Mr Suraj Rai – Administrative Assistant at University of London- MBA – MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering – Society of Nepalese Engineers in UK – Society of Nepalese Highly Skilled Professional UK

15. Mr Andij Rai – Chartered Certified Accountant – Junior Corporate Accountant at Noble Group – MACC Accounting and Finance – University of Glasgow

16. 2nd Lieutenant Ashutosh Rai – BSc Accounting – University of Kent

17. Mr Santosh Rai – Founder of “Newa” and “Dharan Run” charity organisation.

18. Cpl Prithivi Raj Rai – Bramanda Investment founder

19. Mr Tenhang Rai – Music Director – Former RJ – Postgraduate Anglia Ruskin University

20. Mr Oman Rai – Durham University – MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine – Bachelor of Surgery (2nd Year)

21. KRY UK Artist Association Presentation – OPEN MIC

22. KRY UK Central Committee Presentation

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