Shilpa Maskey Readies For Nepali Cinema Debut!

London based Shilpa Maskey will be appearing alongside Aashirman Desraj Shrestha Joshi in BREAKUP! Shilpa who lives in London has appeared in several short-films, music videos, a UK TV advert as well as dance for the Bollywood group BollyFlex! Dancing and acting aren’t the only things that she does well as Maskey has hosted several events in the UK as well. Earlier in the summer Bir Bikram director Milan Chams announced that Shilpa would be the lead actress for his upcoming love triangle LILLI BILLI. Whilst it’s unclear when LILLI BILLI will go in production, it looks like BREAKUP by director Hem Raj BC will be in production soon.

If you’ve seen Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange then you might just have seen Shilpa in the film as well. It feels amazing to write about Nepalis from the UK who are doing their own thing and so good at it. Their hard-work and drive is slowly paying off and Shilpa Maskey is an example of that. She has been involved in the arts and entertainment for a while now and not to forget that she is such a genuine soul and I am SO excited for her journey! I hope to write many more posts on her. Get it gurl!


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