Sudhan Gurung’s “Ego (अहंकार)” Urges People To Be Better

Rapper Sudhan Gurung goes hard with his fresh release EGO (अहंकार). The UK based rapper dropped the track after being frustrated learning about the deaths of Nawaraj BK and friends in Nepal due to caste-based discrimination and the death of George Floyd in the USA. This song may be among his best that I’ve heard.

Gurung does not mince words as he puts questionable practices on the line with the verse “Phool ko mala, raato abhir, Gaai ko puja garne desh, Afno chori maina wari, Huda gothma rakhne desh”. The rapper shared a note on his official website to dissect Ego, saying “As a musician, we have a voice and a platform to convey a message to the audience in a way which is greatly engaging. Hip Hop has been a strong genre courageous to speak the truth!”. He further adds that the new song “is to make people aware of the nonsensical narrow-minded thinking that still exists (even till this day!) and the negative impact it has on all other people which MUST BE CHANGED!“.

The track is dope! After reading the lyrics, I am more impressed by the number. Give it a listen!

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Lex Limbu
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