Buddha was born in Nepal

I havent watched this movie, I am sure its brillian however I have heard that theyve mentioned India as being the birthplace of Buddha.
Watching a video of Nikhil Advani on indiafm.com attempting to justify himself didnt help as he mentioned that Lumbini was in India in 18 something, this may be true however when is the movie set?
It doesnt look like the movies set in 1820’s or something so why not update ourselves and speak of now’
which would mean .. the alteration to Buddha was born in Nepal
Its the young children who will be wrongly educated about this matter. The movie has been banned in India, which is a pity as im sure that Warner Bros etc are losing a lot of money.

Secondly, why are we Nepalese getting psyched up about issues such as these whilst we turn deaf ears when India consistently encroaches the Nepalese border. So far figures stand aroung 47,000 sq km which is believed to have been taken by India. Nepal and India needs to strongly review that Sugauli treaty because its high time that rivers shouldnt be used as a border.
Rivers change courses, erode, and you know’ a whole lotta crazy things.
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  1. jus happened to see ur blog! u r doin gud! it’s nice that u r talkin abt these real issues rather than jus entertainment! keep goin!
    Pavel Udas

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