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Boasting a monthly 44,000+ unique visitors, 90,000 followers on Facebook and a growing following on Twitter and Instagram – lexlimbu.com is one of the most popular Nepali blogs right now. The blog focuses on Nepali happenings from Nepal and the Nepali diaspora. From WAVE, Navyaata, The Kathmandu Post, BOSS Magazine to Republica – lexlimbu.com has been featured on them all. This is your Number 1 Source.


 Lexlimbu Bio

Name: lexlimbu
Age: 25
Education: King’s College London (Tourism, Environment and Development, Ma 2016)
Queen Mary, University of London (Human Geography, Ba – 2013)
Place of Birth: Nepal
Current Home: London
Blogging: is only a time-pass.
My job: is something that I am working/studying towards.
Childhood years: spent in Brunei and England
Been in the UK since: 2000
lexlimbu.com is not: a news website.


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I’m just a mail away! lex[at]lexlimbu.com