Kollywood V Bollywood

Aba K Bhannu? 
Best of Luck for the film? The original ‘style’ comes from the Bollywood flop Tashan with Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar shown and next to it is our very own Nepali version with Rajesh Hamal and some actress for the upcoming Nepali flick ‘TRIDEV’.
Come On Yaar, Ive seen better clothes made out of ‘Dhaka’ why copy something so OBVIOUS?
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  1. haha, they didn’t just copy that – they just pasted new faces on the same bodies! look at the creases & fading in the jeans for example, or the shirt pockt flying up. exactly the same. nice!

  2. hahaha…haina nepali haru le kina aate saro gatichareko…tyo bhanda ramro ra main kura original banauna chorera kina bollywood ko copy garna ma lageko…8(

  3. @Kewal
    Kina Nepali whole lai lyayeko yaha…
    La timi pani Nepali ho bhane Timi banau.. 2/3 jana Nepali director le garyo bhandhai ma whole Nepali lai kina blame garchau….
    Kati ota Nepali movie hereko chau..
    ali kunai pani kura ko googly garera 3 times sochera sensible comment post gara..

    Lex ur filmiposts are cool …
    Dis is amazing find..

  4. God damn it photoshop garechha ….. Aru nabhayera tehi dhoti ko garnu parne !!!! Hollywood ko bollywood le ani bollywood ko kollywood … la kha

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