Barahi Hotel – Pokhara

The hotel which Id reccomend for people to stay in Pokhara is Barahi. Ive stayed at this hotel twice already and its affordable yet it has quality unlike many of the hotels located in the Lakeside area of Pokhara. The rooms come fully air-conditioned with attached toilet and bathroom. In each rooms you’ll find a TV, mini-fridge with a wardrobe and a study desk. The location of the hotel is also great, its only 2 minutes from the main central Lakeside road with all the cybercafe’s, restaurants, bars, shops and travel agencies. 
The food which they serve are good aswell however we only stuck to breakfast there since theres many more options available for cheaper prices just down the road besides Pokhara isnt a place where you spend your time in the hotel. Theres so much to explore outside. Room service is 24/7, we were hungry after playing cards around 2am and ordered a dozen plates of MOMO and Chowmein which was nicely made yet there was a hefty charge for the midnite call out. lol. The hotel also has its own live entertainment at night with cultural performances and a swimming pool for the water babies. Theres also a 24 hour bar just near the pool which is called Spice or Masala, but yeh its nice. For Nepali’s the rate is roughly Nrs 2500 per room which included breakfast however for tourists Im guessing it would be twice as much.
If you need to book excursions in the area, hire car/vans etc then the reception desk there will assist you with your plans. For foreign tourists, dont forget to check the website out for booking details however if that doesnt work then just jot down the number and upon your arrival in Kathmandu, give them a ring and book a room. That will always work. If that doesnt then theres plenty of other hotels to choose from. 
Lex Limbu
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