Resh Marhatta’s Challenge Coming to UK

Behind the scenes pic of Challene : on location
Voice Entertainment presents a film by Resh Marhatta, titled Challenge.
Marhatta’s upcoming is a battle of all the challenges to preserve our country’s exquisite, precious and traditional antique assests from the selfish traitors within and from the outside who are seeking an opportunity to just take. So, the story of challenge begins and ends with a motto “where one challenge stops another begins…” As its never too early or never too late to preserve our national heritage. Exclusive thrill of challenge is, its commercial, suspense, action, glamarous and an eye opening entertainment.

Resh Marhatta, an American graduate has come to Nepal to introduce Nepali film industry to the western world. Resh has done movies in the West and obviously Kollywood. Critics says he will be a great assest to our film industry.According to Shyam Bhattarai, ”besides my experience in Nepali film industry Resh has brought some more interesting plots in this movie that is why I’ve full confident in this project and hope this will create a history in Nepali movie industry”.This movie will be one of the best “must see” movie in Kollywood where they are plugging the history of Nepal and Britain.Resh Marhatta added, to expand Nepali movie industry all over the world he will be intoducing Nepali born American Khusbu Neupane, Miss ANA 2009 as well as some foreign actors according to the script.
 This high budget movie has already gone into production in Nepal where the actors are currently and they will be making their way across to England and America for the latter part of the movie
Starring: Rose Chadwick, Ben Miller, Khusbu Neupane, Ayush Rijal, Rekha Thapa and Resh Marhatta.
Director: Shyam Bhattarai
Executive Producer: Madhav Dhakal
Animation Director: Simos Sunwar
Action Director: Rajendra Khadgi
Cinematographer: Omkar Gauchan, Sailendra Karki, Bishnu Kalpit
Music: Nabin K Bhattarai.
Lex Limbu
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  1. I ve never liked him. and the work he has done. He looks like a Villian more than hero haha.
    I think people hates him. The people i kno dont like him. Nepali Film Industry Needs New People. Not old sh*t.
    But i like the fact he brought new actress into the movie. I tink he should just be a Producer or a director. NOT a ACTOR. Coz it dont suit him.
    To be Successful New Young actor and actress is needed in Nepali Film Industry.

  2. i have just watched new movie of resh martha, called vagi vagi najau, he has changed for the better…. looks a lot better then chahanchu ko film…. good going dude.

  3. Hal hami Nepal ma dashi ko lagi, all my families
    know about this movie.. Good comments but
    when will Be out? Or will it come to Sidney ?

  4. By the way resh g, you really have changed for the better. You look really good and plz convey our best wishes to Khusboo g. She really looks like a star…

  5. We need to see this movie first to judge. However, we respect you resh maratha g for at least trying to promot our film industries.. thank you and happy fest. we love you.

  6. challenge ko sites very very very DAMI DAMI DAMI cha yar… whos this khussssbu babe? muuuuhaaa…. she looks aha aha…
    good job resh maratha dai.

  7. resh je, challenge is all over the united states… when will this movie be out yar? looks nice pics in web sites…but pic do not mean nothing if movie is not good enof…sorry. but, we love your work.

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