Paris Hilton of Nepal : Rekha Thapa

 Rekha Thapa is one of the busiest Nepali actresses; on average she can be seen on 75% of Nepali movies released in a year. Unlike Hilton who’s popularity rose after the sex scandal, Rekha is pure vulgar and brains. Now some may disagree with me for saying brains but this woman can surely play the media.

Aside from this what contributes to her popularity is her ability to constantly remain in the headlines. I am sure many actresses in Kollywood are itching to learn from Rekha. Her co-star spats, dancing with Prachanda, kissing the shortest boy on Earth to declaring herself single when shes married are few of the news which has created ripples across Nepal’s dailys. PS. shes also married to someone who looks wayyy older than her and is a producer, sounds fishy right? Shes often seen in skimpy clothes which makes her look tooo ”chada” and on top of that, it does not even flow with the story line. Its fair enough to say that Rekha is the No.1 actress of Nepal, with her countless movie successes, well planned controversy and ”sex appeal”.

Rekha photographed with hubby Chabbi Ojha

This video below is probably one of the main reasons why Nepali youths have no hopes from Nepali Movies. Having said that it provides me unlimited laughs, RECOMMENDED!!

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.
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  1. OMG – she a hoochie mama fo sho! did love that clip though specially the part w the muffin top comin out on top of the sleazy suspender skirt. that’s what people love about showbizz aaight? somethin to talk about, one way or another. gotta love rekha for breakin the waves. hooch power!

  2. haha yup just watched it again & still love it.. muffin top at around 0:30. and the guy right after that trying to do some serious b-boy moves – sadly failing (&falling) miserably.
    good times LOL LOL LOL!!!

  3. wtf??..shes bloddy actin like a GO GO dancer …!!!! lookin at the video ..myan she has “bosho” hangin out everywhere..dang and she dances and slaps the boys in the same time….the video is a joke …shes a joke!!!!!!!!!!!.but hey nepali movies r improving NOWDAYS!! LOL and oh “baderrr langooor” LMao!!!

  4. oh my fav video ever hhahah i always find sumfin new to take the piss out of each time i watch this! OH HO OH HO! lol hahahha

  5. LOL SAUJ ur making it seem OKAY to hate nepali movies. wheres da luv. I think she’s damn hot.
    lol jk.

  6. I dont believe I just sat through 4 minutes of that video. My previous comment about “Sauj ! you’re making it seem…”, I’ll just take it back.

    I made a list of the highlights of the video lol. To be honest, the whole video is a joke but if I were to pick the best ones:

    1. BWAIZ (typical nepali accent ma)
    2. I dont get the chorus; failed attempt at rap gibberish: O O O O YEAH ! DO DO DO FAYE !
    3. BEST PHREN (refer to 1.)
    4. BAD GAL (refer to 1.)
    5. 4:03 The audio sounds like a giggle but in the video, she is LMFAO-ing.

    On a more technical note :

    1. The white balance settings are AWFUL. Home-made-quality. Trust me, I think homemade videos are way better.
    2 Choreography. Depressing.
    3. Right V Wrong. Isn’t this girl supposed to be like a hot diva that the guys are sort of running after. NO. She is more portrayed as a slutty whore with some of the moves. Trust me again, those aren’t even very sexy bootilicious moves. Those are WTF-GTFO-moves.
    4. Fashion. Misc. Self-explanatory.

    LAWL. great find Sauj. Keep posting my nigguhhhhhh. ahaha

  7. i have watched this songs numerous times..and everytime it makes me laugh..the dance, the guys, rekha thapa , her clothes, the rap part, bwais, bad is the funniest nepali movie song i have ever watched in my life till now:0

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