The much anticipated movie Kohi...Mero has seven* songs in the movie and popular playback singers such as Anju Panta, Deepak Limbu and the Acharya brothers have given their time to the OST. The song above is Samaya Ley by Shiva Pariyar. Other tracks are:

  1. Aakha Aakha Boleni - Deepak Limbu, Anju Panta
  2. Pakha na Pakha, Basa na Basa - Satya Raj Acharya
  3. Timi Banchau Ki Bandainau Kohi Mero - Anju Panta
  4. Kohi Mero Kohi Mero - Anju Panta
  5. Sabdma Kholna Sakine Yo Maya - Swarooj Raj Acharya
  6. Kahi Katai Chan Kohi Mero - Deepak Limbu and Anju Panta 
  7. Samaya Ley - Shiva Pariyar
*I initially got told there was only 6 songs however the Samaya Ley has been added on so I guess its official.