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Some innovative Nepali youth’s of Folkestone have taken the step ahead by running a full-on hour long show titled ‘YUVA VIBES’ on BFBS Gurkha Radio. This is the first time that the listeners can hear young voices which is a contrast from hearing Khem Bada’s classic voice. The show which officially went on air on the 18th of June is broadcasted every two weeks and can be listened online. I managed to hear their debut show which had nine different boys and girls doing three seg’ – Movies, World Cup and Summer Trends. Sarala, Rebina and Anuma were the trio who effortlessly talked around the trends for this seasons heat while Leena, Lisha, and Preeti talked about the upcoming blockbusters to catch near your Silver Screen. They also mentioned the upcoming Kollywood flick‘Kohi…Mero’. 😀 Lastly, the boys; Baivab, Shamir and Ashutosh stuck to what they know best by discussing the World Cup and giving their views on how South Africa was handling the Daddies of all tournament. 
With additions of new hosts (Ayush Rai and Suprabha Rai), Yuve Vibes remains fresh and edgy. Interviews with popular figures such as Sabrina Shrestha (Miss Talent Hunt HK 2006) and the ‘Aau Guff Garau’ call-in segment are what makes Yuva Vibes a must listen show. 
So tune into BFBS GURKHA RADIO on 23rd July at 6PM GMT to hear the third live show of Yuva Vibes. Some of the features of the show are:
-HOT Holiday destinations of summer 2010
-Latest Celeb Gossips with their *GossipGirl*
-Exclusive chat with Prabin Gurung(Selected to play for a National football team)
-6:30 PM= Aau guff garum-Call In, Discuss, Request a song 
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  1. thankz lex for your post we really appriciate it.
    tara We are having to cancel tomorrow’s show and move it to next Friday i.e. 23rd July.
    BFBS have decided that as the sad incident occurred in Afghanisthan just this week, we wont do a ‘Yuva Vibes’ show on BFBS and let everybody recover from the tragedy.
    we will be doing the show next Friday!
    so do tune in next week
    hope you all understand.

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