Woman On Top – Lisa Mukhia

You may have spotted her in various events in the city and splashed across PartyNepal but do you actually know what Lisa Mukhia does for a living? The socialite who can be seen glamming it up with her celebrity friends is the managing director of Foot Fetish and Itta Japanese Restaurant in Kathmandu. At a tender age of 22, Mukhia took the step ahead to open Nepal’s first exclusive reflexology and wellness centre to offer foot and head massage treatments.
she even has a Macbook :O
The fast food loving entrepreneur says, “Foot Fetish from its initial days wanted to capitalize on the flux of tourists coming to Nepal for trekking, mountaineering etc. Most of the tourists that come to Nepal are in search for adventure, and nothing is more appropriate than a complete pampering session after a tiring trip. Over the years Foot Fetish has been successful in creating awareness among the locals as well. Thus, it now caters not only to the tourists but the locals alike”.
On a recent issue of THT Perspectives, Lisa was seen talking about the brain-drain which Nepal has been going through and encouraged people to be innovative and take risks which they believed in. She surely is inspiring and motivating… 
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  1. wow..Being outside of Nepal myself it really made me think Wht I have done as a Nepali. Thanks for this article Lex. and She really is a motivated lady. Good luck for her career and yr website future 🙂

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