Nabin Subba’s Goodbye Kathmandu

Malvika Subba in Goodbye Kathmandu
 Popular film-maker Nabin Subba who’s had Numafung to his credit has been filming his upcoming Goodbye Kathmandu for few months now. I’ve seen many Nepali viewers get excited when they hear of any new movies, however in my view I think we tend to expect too much. Post Bhushan Dahal’s Kagbeni we’ve had Sano Sansar and Mero Euta Saathi Cha which have improved in terms of presentation and quality; yet the plot of those movies have been heavily criticized for being too loose. Also, Nepali viewers tend to confuse genres, we have the tendency to expect real cinema when one hears of ”New Philim” even from directors such as Alok Nembang who’s best at providing us the fluffy romantic dramas/videos. First Love, Kohi…Mero are all out movies created for the purpose of entertainment. One should not expect the storylines of these movies to be award-winning, however looking at the stills and the synopsis of Goodbye Kathmandu, I am confident that I can expect more from this flick. Having seen Numafung Im certain that Director Subba will take the Nepali Movie Industry in the direction which all the audiences have been expecting. Enjoy the images.
Lastly, Happy Birthday to former Miss Nepal, Actress – Malvika Subba
The movie will probably hit cinemas in Nepal  sometime around 2011.
Director Subba enjoys a game during filming
 the young cast of Goodbye Kathmandu

Subba directing a shot
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