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Now Ive been a hardcore Jharana B fan ever since I saw her fire answers back on NTV’s Dishanirdesh interview show. After seeing a barrage of hate comments I even made a video titled The JB Issue. This led many people to assume that I was a fan turned into stalker. Ah well, few days ago Jharana personally emailed me. I was surpised since I hadnt emailed her or anything. I wont share all the details but few lines stood out for me the most. 
”I have no words to express  for what you have done for me. Truly amazing but I am a little scared with such appreciation as well at times. Mainly because I have every chance to not being able to live up to your expectation and I  would’nt feel that good if I did that.” 

Thanks a tonne to Sunanda Chandry Koning for recording and sending me the video from above. I am really grateful for the actors and director for acknowledging my support.
Kohi… Mero has been great, Ive met many other avid Nepali film supporters from Nepal and abroad. Ive not seen the movie yet however in my eyes the movie is a super hit and I already love it. I look forward to bringing Kohi…Mero to UK hopefully by November.

 Jharana will be on Octobers VOW mag Cover

 On its 2nd WEEK of Screenings Go Catch it in Kumari Cinema, Guna, Gopi Krishna and Asta Narayan.

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