When Prashant Tamang Cried

 Indian Idol winner Prashant Tamang was seen shedding tears at the press show for his recently released movie GORKHA PALTAN. The movie which was released in November 5 has taken Nepal by storm and super-cemented Tamangs status. Gorkha Paltan has done business of 75 Lakhs within its first two weeks and is still going strong as it enters the third week. Tamang shed a tear at the press show stating how he felt overwhelmed by the love and support he has recieved from the people. Indeed you all should check out the pictures, he has been treated like royalty, from garlands of flowers to gangs of crowd flocking the theatre, Prashant mania is in full-swing. Producer brothers Rajesh Banshal and Suraj Banshal who previously produced Kohi Mero are surprised by the success of Gorkha Paltan… they feel that the subject of Lahurey life has been the forefront in connecting the movie with the audience. 
This post is for the people who say Nepali movies are all box-office failures. Theres enough Nepali movie viewers to make a movie a success…

Images: Filmykhabar.com

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  1. So very happy for the success of Gorkha Paltan. Prashant is just such a humble guy, he sheds tears of joy and immense gratitude for everyone’s love and support everyday. Love ya, Pra.

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