Batch No 16 Released in Nepal

Actors Suman Singh, Ruby Bhattarai, Anup Baral and Director Pandey at the premiere on Thursday evening
Pitamber Pandey’s Batch No 16 is in cinemas all over Nepal from today. The movie is already recieving positive reviews; read what Prasan Syangden had to say to his Facebook friends after watching the movie:
Batch No 16- comes out as the under dog,the dark horse of Nepali cinema. It’s pure and honest movie making at it’s best. This could be the turning point Nepali cinema was desperately in need of. It definitely raises the bar(Read very high). Kudos! BN16 team.If many more movies like this are to be made in the future i’d gladly trade my Holy/Bollywood tickets for a Nepali movie any day. Seriously!!”
Similarly Miss Nepal 1st Runner-Up Sahana Bajracharya also stated:
”Good choice of location, good shots , actors performaned well, music is good but the links were bad and there were few unwanted scenes, including forcefully included kissing scenes which werent required”. 
Hernu Jane Hoina Ta Batch No. 16?
Image: BR/eKantipur 
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  1. Is it like Korean drama sweet 16? More often names had been taken from bollywood movie now start taking from Korean? so what? thats how we live.

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