Rekha Aunty on The Pawankali Show

We dont ask. She still gives. Rekha Thapa recieved the award for Best Actress and I have no clue as to what movie it was for. Half of the movies produced in Nepal star her anyway so its one out of those dozens. She is like the Rajnikanth of Nepali cinema…but the picture above makes her look like Rakhi Sawant. Thanks to Saroj Regmi for capturing the moment at the NEFTA Film Award which took place recently. The video below is quite old, its of Rekha aunty on The Pawankali Show; hosted by Mampi Ghosh – she sounds quite annoying. 
Rekha talks about her fashion, marriage and working relations with co-stars. After watching several Pawankali episodes I have come to the conclusion that Pawankali loves to talk about marriage, when are you getting married? why havent you got married? and to those who are already married like Rekha, who else would you like to marry?
So Nepalii. ENJOY – Rekha Thapa as I’ve said before is a clever minx! She knows how to work it… work her image… her body… her personality. THE MEDIA.

Lex Limbu
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  1. Ya! this hommie girl is so smart,talented as well as pretty. She got an award now! so Im the happiest guy ever trust me LMFAO!!

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