World Premiere – Yatri by Manas Ghale

!!!!HERE IT IS!!!!

I unveil to you, Manas Ghale aka Loorey from Nepsydaz’s first ever solo music video YATRI. This video marks the debut of Laxcha Thebe Bantawa; founder of NepUNITY as a music video director. Here are few words that she shared with me regarding the video:
It was a group of young people getting together doing what we all love to do.
Bryan & Calvin are photographers. None of us had shot a music video before. We are not part of any industry. We had no sponsors – no budget!
We made this simply because of passion and that’s why this video is such an amazing achievement for all of us. 
Yatri has its own pragmatics because it is based on Manas’ true life story; however the making of ‘Yatri’ also has its own story – and that is ‘follow your dreams’. This is also the reason why we featured Battlenutz, Duke & Chronicz because they are all such inspiring passionate voices in our generation. I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we loved making it. – Laxcha Thebe Bantawa (Director of Yatri)

ENJOY. Rape the replay button.
Lex Limbu
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  1. THUMBS UP!!! The song and the direction duitai lai. Manas luks so skinny and bony now though! He used to be so much cuter before!!! ^^

  2. its doing my head in this tune. a chipmunky “parkhi baschu parkhi baschu parkhi baschu parkhi baschu parkhi baschu..”. ma auna man lagcha tara yo tune dekhera computer futalna manlagcha!!!

    MUTE ma rakhera autoplay garna mildaina Lex???

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