Prabal Gurung : Goodwill Ambassador of Maiti Nepal

Prabal Gurung has been named the Goodwill Ambassador of Maiti Nepal. Gurung is seen above with founder and CNN HERO 2010 Anuradha Koirala in Kathmandu. He is currently in Nepal for a personal visit. Follow Prabal’s tweet where he has been twitpic’cing various heritage sites of Kathmandu. Regarding his new affiliation with Maiti Nepal Gurung said
“A society free from Human Trafficking is possible and we must realize that it is our responsibility to make this world a better place for all mankind. By simply stating our desire, we sow the seeds of great change,”.
Amazing link-up aye? 
Lex Limbu
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  1. this is awesome… i love ppl who actually give back to the community.. and promote things that are actually important…

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