75% Street Boys Are Victims of Sexual Abuse!

A report made public on Thursday by Save the Children and Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN) said 74.8 percent of the respondents—all boys living in the streets in the 10-18 age brackets—said they knew at least three of their friends who had had non-consensual sex.

46 percent of the victims were abused by their own friends, mostly of their same age group. The other abusers are foreign nationals, police personnel, third genders, drug addicts, women and strangers.
HMM How should the street children be rehabilitated? Any ideas?
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  1. First of all I think awareness is the key. But then it’s hard in country like ours, there’s always someone to pull your legs. I think there should be a program like in the villages where if you go to school, u get some food or oil sth like that. For street children, it should be the same n so called government should provide them free schooling and shelter. I know it’s a lot but it’s better to invest on them as they r the future of our country, better to invest on them than pretend to spend on some artha mantri. 🙂 just a tot:b

  2. We,Should start from a scratch.
    Not even taking a step wouldn`t help at all.Well being said that i`m Glad Save the Children had put this out as being a fund raising embassador for STC.Definatelty not a good news but…Lets all do our bits!

  3. i never thought this happens when i see those kids in the street of nepal. swearing, stealing and begging. when i founnd myself standing by their side i used to think how lucky i was……i thought it was the fault of economic status of our country,the corrupted Gov. has lead the citizen to such bad state.but why this children are victim? and why the people who are suppose to be the one at least have a a pity on them are doing such to them. the police?foreigners? ..this was out of my imagination.i feel so sad at this moment to see how in the same world, the same place we belong has such children growing up.
    i hope people will stop doing the sin to giving birth to children if they cant raise them…

  4. :O This is so sad. 🙁

    Nepalese government is fucked!

    LEX, how about raise money before you go to nepal? & at least do smth in Nepal. Do smth for these kids like you did for the man who was about to die and eventually he did die. (CANT remember his name)but please lex this is so sad 🙁 wish we could sponsor a child from here. I would!

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