Nepali Artist in Mumbai; Laxman Shrestha

A remarkable Nepali artist who now currently lives and works in Mumbai is Laxman Shrestha. Shrestha was born in small-town Siraha in 1939 and received his training in art from various institutes all over the world (France, US, Germany, India). 

”I usually like to be by myself. My painting demand that. As my paintings starts becoming serious, I lock myself up in complete solitude for 7-9 days. Though after the painting is created, celebrations take over” says the abstract painter.

I got asked what’s my take on the painting. I’m not into arts, I like photography and people who paint photo’s like those temples, mountains etc. I know this is abstract and it’s supposed to be like this however to me this doesn’t spell success, yet I know fellow art enthusiasts and artists will appreciate Laxman’s work and this post is dedicated to them and those seeking to see creative Nepalis. Dhanyabaad.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. i couldnt understand the painting … its just like u know drawing jpt lol…. lex can u write down what was ur take over the pic plz..

  2. I am definitely novice in terms of art despite being the person who doesn’t mind hanging in art gallery whole day rather than going window shopping.I think art is subjective and maybe the beauty of abstract arts gives you the platform to think or imagine same things in myraids point of view.When I first saw the first painting,”snow white mountain hit by the Golden rays of light, came in my mind,the second painting whispered, tall himalayas standing like fine soldiers, beside the azure sky,the last one depicted the picture of water bursting through the damn of the mountains.The more I look into the picture more beautiful thing I see.I guess arts are never meant to be understood like pictures ,it should be felt by intuition of the inner sight.I think something people fail to see the simplicity in the complex matter and see compixity in simple thing.(I am not into arts but I love the paintings far better than the pictures of the wave.I guess beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.I guess the painter has his own interpretaion like many other people who will see myraid things in it and not sundry things.

  3. The answer above pretty much sums up lot, what I wanted to say for this article. But as Neelam says it seems more like playing with colours which is true in front of general audience.

    Painting is one medium outta many in Art world and from day one it has always been changing. Renaissance, realism, expressionism, cubism, modern, post modern and soo on and yes Abstract paintings are hard to get into as it has the essence which can only be absorbed once you let go everything and watch it with open mind. well that’s what I think.

    me myself being an art student, I find hard to understand abstract paintings but saying that I do like few of them. And what do I think about this? I really don’t know. I see symbolism of bold colours.

    It’s more like his memories being flattened. But who knows, that’s why now a days conceptual work has pushed it’s pace soo far.

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