The recently released Bollywood movie Delhi Belly has been banned in Nepal on Sunday. Gopi Krishna Movies had been distributing the Imran Khan starring movie which faced a raid during one of the screening’s that abrupted a show. The ban was enforced due to the distributor failing to remove obscene dialogues as directed by the Nepal Censor Board. On hearing this Amir Khan (producer) has been quoted saying:

 ”I hope the board realizes that there are adults in their country. I am unaware of how the Nepal Censor Board functions. If they have banned the movie, then it´s their decision.”

    Have you guys watched the movie, thoughts? Is the enforced ban fair on the movie? 

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. I just don’t get it!?!?!?…what the hell is wrong with the censor board, the movie is very entertaining and the words that are used in the movie are used by everyone almost everyday, even in Nepal by teenagers and adults.

  2. who says its 21st century and u can swear or watch porn in public or with yr family?its better if u use yr fredom and rights to compete with the world for the development of the country and yourself ,if u could ?(there is loads of things u can copy technology,innovations,education,humanity civilization etc.) but thats not your responsibility isn’t it?so u choose to copy the negative influence and proud to be civilised and claim tht u r the wise man of the 21st century. it makes me laugh ….wot a winerrrrr…

  3. Dangg that is reall bad.. i havent watched the movie.. no worries will watch it when they release the pirated DVD ;p

  4. all dhotis moviessssssss should be banned actually haha….but nepali censor r crazyyyyyy k garcha garcha …tyo indian movie where nepal has being criticize tyo band huna parney act …:P

  5. movie is funny and sexy. after watching the movie now i can make a guess why the movie got banned in nepal it may be not cuz of the chada words or whatsoever but may be some scenes like related to porn.. hmm which in nepal is not OK for the nepali ko khoi kun jamana ko viewers .. idk… they are still in 18th century.. but thers no wrong ..cuz dvd is available duh internet duh foolish nepali gov. 😛

  6. hey but i thot they banned cos they said that amir khan mad ea statement that nepalese gals r illiterate or sumthing…thats y twas banned…is it not true then?!!

  7. the movie sucks. In fact, all Bollywood movies should be banned. We have our own movies in Nepal regardless the movies are good or bad !

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