Malina Joshi is Miss Nepal 2011

23 Year old Malina Joshi of Sunsari has been crowned Miss Nepal 2011 today. Following closely was Anupama Aura Gurung with the first runner up title and then Sarina Maskey with second runner up title.

 What clinched Joshi’s win was her confident and savvy answer to the final question ‘What would be the position of the world in 2050 AD if ruled by women?’, to which she said, “I don’’ think the question is appropriate enough as I feel women are already ruling the world with their dedication and persistence. By 2050, the world will be completely different and better if we’re blessed with the same opportunities and values.” Read more on eKantipur.

Miss Nepal 2011: Malina Joshi

1st Runner Up: Anupama Aura Gurung

2nd Runner Up: Sarina Maskey

3rd Runner Up: Manisha Bista

4th Runner Up: Neha Paudel

Sunsilk Miss Beautiful Hair: Anupama Aura Gurung

Fair & Lovely Miss Beautiful Complexion: Neeta Yogi

Ganapati Miss Photogenic : Manisha Bista 

Orbit Miss Personality: Namrata Dahal

Hidden Treasure Miss Talent : Bishnu Chemjong

Close Up Miss Beautiful Smile : Pratibha Shrestha

Annapurna Post Miss Popular Choice: Neha Paudel

Model Global Miss Perseverance : Madina Begum


Lex Limbu
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  1. Anupama should have won, baby you always were the prettiest one amongst them. The judge was probably jealous of your beauty, or maybe your just another pretty face.

  2. Lmao, manchhe haru kina khutta tandai baseko ? Poor bumheads, I think it’s bit late to hate her.
    Bhaisakeko kura aba k garnu ? Betn I’m not too much into this thingy.

  3. No matter how she looks (Malina) she deserves that title and she will make us proud 🙂
    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover people..

  4. yo ahile ko miss npl banaune jugdge pakkai sugarikako paloko jugge hunuparcha ¬!¬ anu bby u rock the show! 🙂

  5. None of them settled with me :S Tara feri nepal ko standard yestai nai paryo. Those with beauty dont have brains. those without has brains. Bichara. At least the winner had brains. Dono about the other 2. I still think sadiccha was the prettiest, smartest with the kindest heart. (yay sadiccha!)

  6. ok….here i go from where to start ….i was there with my journalist fren who was trying to cover miss nepal and at that time i went in tranning of miss nepal, in talent round, in personality and pre judging round….lastly i want to say its all set up …its fixed but not malina lai pani afai thaha chaina ki kasari miss nepal bhayo bhanera…..akheri hidden treasure ko randi ko chora haru le top 5 ma uslai dommy ko roop ma matra rakheko thiyo but her answer went up high in the sky that she bagged the title but its also true that after sugarika she is the uglyiest one MN…..after the event also me n my fren went to radison for party of miss nepal at that time jenisha was saying that timro naam ta top ten ma hami le herda thiyo ta but kasari change bhayo? wow i was suprise…..i was listening for far… that time the miss popular from birgunj didnt recieved any wishes from the other candidate even one girl was saying that….tyo hidden treasure ko budo cha ni chasma lagaune ani swift ma hidne ho tyo sanga yesko las pas bhaya cha ani po ta 4th runner up bhayacha ni……oh again i was suprise…..and finaly knew that there is long way to go for nepal n neplese for a fair judgement……hidden treasure really suck ……

  7. hi, person above, i really do not understand what you’re trying to say but it sounds interesting. i heard pretty nasty stuffs about one of the top 3, although i won’t say who. and yes, nepal really has a loooong way to go, judging from the looks of the winners. (i was rooting for bishnu and prashansa from the pictures i saw, don’t know abt their verbal skills tho). disappointed. I hope I see bishnu as a singer soon! ^^

  8. wth k ho testo crowns herdai its like i dnt wanna win the title to wear that weird looking crown, seriously man!!!!

  9. the only thing that annoys me are how these ‘beauties’ say they will help nepal here and there with this and that but ultimately, use the title as a platform to boost themselves up, be it to be a tycoon(exaggerated), a media personality etc. And it wouldve been great if they used those to actually do good but how many do. Thats why i respect malvika. She’s driven AND for a good cause too. ~peace

  10. I really dont understand why ppl have to be so critical of elements which are good. When we have beauties who want to do something and they verbalize it, instead of mocking or saying its exaggerated, the least one can do is to wish them well on their journey which has just begun. Its ppl with too much of skepticism and negativity that holds our ladies down. It wld be fair though to judge them after their one year term.

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