Miss Nepal Malina Goes To School

It’s nearly been a month already that Malina Joshi was crowned Miss Nepal 2011 and Joshi has been busy of late travelling back to hometown Dharan and visiting the place that made her what she is today. During her homecoming trip to Dharan Malina stopped by Marigold School and met teachers and students from the school. 

Malina is currently in Kathmandu and preparing to fly to London by the 19th October for the Miss World pageant which will take place on the 6th November in LONDON. We all have our personal choices and preferences and Malina MAY or MAY NOT be your choice of Miss Nepal but please leave the negativity aside and let’s encourage her, give her tips and ideas for her journey to Miss World. In the course of the next month there will be lot more updates on Malina.

Malina with her sister

Apologies for getting the caption wrong, thank you guys for correcting me. The last image indeed is of Malina with her sister and not mother.
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  1. Lex that’s her sister..I went school with her sister..so, that’s defo her sis not mum LOL 🙂 Goodluck to Malina..She is very talented girl..Make us and our country proud girl

  2. She’s gorgeous!! Esp her complexion! I knew it was smth with the fugly dresses the competition supplied that made her look less attractive. Malina, do us proud!! <3<3<3<3

  3. Kumar sir n Narbada Ma’am,
    Namaskar n thank you for everything. So happy to see you after decades . Blessed today.

  4. Kumar sir & Narbada Ma’am,
    Namaskar n thank you for everything. So happy to see you again after decades . Blessed today.

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