Tihar Special Laddu INFESTED with BUGS!


It all started from the sweet shops of Kathmandu being investigated few months ago by News24 when we were shown footage’s of the unhygienic conditions of where our favourtie gudpacks etc were made. Furthermore, a consumer in Bharatpur finding a worm in a Real juice made headlines again and now a keen Hindu devout who was celebrating the festival of Tihar by buying sweets at Sajan Goth sweet shop( in Tripureshwore) got a nasty surprise to find a laddu infested with bugs. Thanks to the heavy penetration of mobiles in Nepal, the consumer whipped out the device and took a video to capture it as evidence before reporting it to Nagarik News.

Maybe it’s time to start making our own sweets boys and girls unless you really feel that your body is immune to it all. It would be nice to see the Govnt being tighter with their regulations and maybe a new food body forming or so but then again in a country like ours, there will always be laws but no one will follow them so to ordinary Nepalis, just be very careful where you eat…

Source: Nagarik News
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  1. i so want to visit Nepal and give those laddu’s to my enemies saying lets be frens lol hehehe

  2. how intelligent of Yui Bei 😀

    well, i really dont think this kind of incidents are never going to stop, such a pity. thank god, i dont really like laddus and all that much 😀

  3. I agree that the standard in Nepal is really low. But this sort of post pisses me off real bad. Its nothing to laugh about and made fun of. It gives the people a wrong perspective of the the situation and disparages people to visit… Mr Limbu please don’t post such ridiculous posts again!

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