Festive Nite – Photos!

Though it took a while but the photo’s have finally surfaced from Festive Nite, the event took place on the 21st October only about  a week ago! It was the night when several hundred Nepalis descended down to South East and flocked Proud2, possibly the newest venue for Nepali parties in London. Whilst some were seen wildly romancing the dancefloor many preferred to chill in the smoking area which some say was the highlight of the venue. So partygoers, feel free to be honest and let 9Seven7 Movement know what you thought of Festive Nite!

Full set of photos on the Facebook Album Here

It’s all about them beads! Festive Style?
Ram and Sita with friend taking a breather
Brothers from another mother, possibly?
RapHolic taking the stage!
Pretty and Sober
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