Airport Scandal – Jail Purna Bahadur Basnet

The stuck-up airport officials of Tribhuvan International Airport make thousands that arrive and depart Nepal’s only international airport wonder why they’re so grumpy, unfriendly and downright rude. I’m writing about the majority here. Customer service is something which is non-existent in the dilapidated airport just like worn out faces that stamp your passport. One of these officials is Purna Bahadur Basnet who has found himself in the middle of a corruption scandal thank’s to a Dechen Sherpa. 

Sherpa was set to fly to the US on the 8th of October when Basnet played the villain by obstructing her from travel by saying her travel documents were forged. Purna Bahadur Basnet’s hidden motif was to make money from innocent Sherpa. After negotiating a price Dechen gave Nrs 1 Lakh rupees to Basnet and made her way to the US. Cleverly a friend of Dechen had recorded their conversations and filmed the handing over of money which several news channels in Nepal have shown on television. Following that reporters Nepal have also held a video press conference with Dechen from America. Now it’s great that media is covering the hidden atrocities  that take place on a daily basis in Nepal, I just hope this investigation is followed on till we find out what consequence Purna Bahadur Basnet will have to face.

Basnet was earlier suspended by the Department of Immigration. With already a bad track record I think it’s time for him to visit a new humble surrounding of his own; prison. 
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. that dickhead should be behind the bar forever. It’s a shame for whole nepali ppl this also affects the tourism of nepal gossh!!!! disgusting

  2. This is not the first time that I have heard of such blackmailing. I had heard and seen this all the time in nepal’s airport. I am just glad that this has come to highlight- I hope they will do something about it. People do not go foreign places to spend money but to make money so they can feed their family back home and these so called “immigration officials” are taking advantage. It takes so much money, time and sweat to finally be able to go out of Nepal and a lot of people sacrifice their land, house, savings in order to go out. This is completely out of order. A step must be taken immediately by the government and a strong punishment to those who commit crime. Nepal is already corrupted in many areas. Well done to Dechen’s friend for her bravery and cleverness. We should all work together as a team in order for Nepal to develop.

  3. Dear mathika budhi navako manchey haru,
    Desh bigarney ma timi haru jasta jaat-paat wala manchey haru ko ni thulo haat cha

  4. if she had a proper nepali citizenship why did she pay money to mr.basnet? it just does’t make any sense. There should be something wrong with her passport that is why mr.basnet asked for money in return. Mr.basnet has done a grave crime but there is still something not right about the girl aswell. well i think so haha

  5. finally!!! what a relief!!! Thank goodness for Dechen!!! But the question now is whether the Nepal government will address the corruption issue or not? Ahhh why must we suffer at our own government’s hand? I hope something good comes out of this and people like Basnet are locked up.
    Limbu: why are you questioning her passport? Even if she didn’t have proper Nepali citizenship, isn’t bribery still wrong? Why are you pointing your finger the other way from the real issue which is corruption and bribery?Neta haru le ta yesto garyo garyo, hami youth le pani arko direction tira herna? And you call yourself Nepal!!! what a shame!

  6. bahun cheetri are corrupted by blood, thats in their blood, i did not drop to this conclusion at instant, look at their history in nepal. From cheating annual race lig lig rajya in magarat, till now, most of them are corrupted , and this is where we are now nepal, they are dirty and corrupted by birth.

  7. that bastard should be put behind the bars,,its shit how some people try to take advantage of there position,,such people are shameless

  8. This asshole need to be put in JAIL!! The immigration officials and even the police working in the Kathmandu airport are RUDE and BUSYBODIES! I’ve had my fair share of experiences! Dread going to Nepal because of people like them, literally!!
    Thanks Lex for posting this video. And thumbs up to Dechen for bring this attention!!

  9. Great job by the one who recorded this conversation.However,this kind of activities is normal in Nepal.Corruption is to its peak as never before and still,without constitution this has been the medium of earning capital for many people as the practice of such system driving people to nuts.Who is to blame?

  10. @ chupandi hangma limbu ,the only thing that was wrong with Mrs.Dechen Sherpa was that she was terrified and agreed to pay that asshole.She is someone I know,and she is an authentic Nepali citizen.She was just too worried and acted in a terrified situation.Just letting you know.

  11. corruption is not good thing whether its from gurung magar or bahun chetri or any one,,,,some of the ppl here thinks they are belongs to superior cast only because they live in uk or hkg ,thanks to their fathers and forefathers who work for their benifit not for the coutry they belong to and died as a mule of a british masters…..they dont have any brains thats why still whole generation still practice the same thing and thanks to them all nepalis called bahadur and kancha in india.its not encouraging even countrtry like uk.tehy have to go to high court for their rights and still they havent got equal rights..they dont have brain thats why they go to army for british and indians and die for them….rather than to go to college or school….thats why they talk abt cast and race and they think they r beeter thn any nepali cast…..only these people not LATE DR.HARKA BDR. GRG.,MAHABIR PUN.DR. SANDUK RUIT ETC. NEVER TALK ABOUT CAST OR THEIR SUPERIORITY COZ THEY ARE EDUCATED AND COMMITED TO THE COUNTRY AND MOTHER LAND NEPAL…SO THEY DONT HAVE THESE KIND OF TINY ISSUE OR MIND…….

  12. @kumar shrestha
    do u know the history of nepal? nepal signed suguali treaty with british east india company , where nepal must provide men for their british gurkha recruitment, it means nepal would have to face more disaster by british if this condition were not met, u have to thank these soldier for sacrificing their life for nepal for fulfilling treaty. I assume you are educated enough now to understand it. And read history carefully ,who was the fast martyr? who was the first general of nepalese army? and other more, you’ll find out.And remember, british has ruled indian, africa, islands like australia, new zealand, so its not only gurkhali. British seized 1/3rd part of nepal ,and they have not still brought this issue to international court, so does that mean all nepali have no brains? still nepal is not able to take back its lost land with british.And i am not trying to be superior, i just told what is was just part of history and we are aware about nepal’s history too.

  13. kumarji nepal ko source of income international remmittance pani ho, jun british army ko one of the largest remmittance source ho , tapai lai taha cha ki chaina?
    ani british government la nepal lai royalty dincha tyo ni birsunu bho?

  14. Get a grip on yourself Kumar. Brainless? You are delusional nd onviously come from an ‘uneducated’ background yourself. You obviously know NOTHING abt why the gurkhas do what they do so SHUT UP. Nd no, I don’t think I’m of a ‘superior cast’ just because I was raised overseas. It’s people like YOU that makes me sick. You obviously have your insecurities too. STOP stereotyping us you SHITHEAD. GET OVER YOURSELF!


  15. Nd I’m fucking sure my dad would have gone to college if he could have afforded to. There’s a reason why he’s making sure that my siblings nd I get a good education.


  16. to those who claims they know the histroy of nepal and nepali as well as why nepalis in brithish army as gurkha(not a gorkha !!!they dont see offensive calling u different names neither u do mind!)i respect all the martyrs who fought4 the independance of the country nepal.all the nepali population owe them respect and gratitude for their great job.people who thinks nepali are in british or indian army is the result of sugauli treaty,really???according to treaty’s no.9.treaty must be ratify by the king of its not legal from the first day….if its legal than british has to compensate with compensation money in exchange of the income of the land lost to east india company…which nepal dont get ,that means that treaty never legal and existed. if its legal treaty,after the end of the british rule that treaty is dead…king of nepal never agreed to that treaty…so its illegal and never agreed to send any nepali citizen for british Mercenary,so british started the first gurkha who defected nepal gov.specially from kumaon….if i am not wrong…any way never any one forced any nepali citizen to go to army in nepal,in british or in indian army its the personal choice always…its always personal priority and interest rather than being patriotic.regarding the poverty of nepali people its always curse to all of us….but we have to deal with tht and use our poverty as inspiration towards the motivation of development of the personal level as well as the prosperous nation.u are poor doesnt mean u make money being contract killer…u can justify the killings if its selfdefence or to protect yr family and country,,,it cant be never justified killings as an excuse for yr poverty…..thats why i can say those 12 nepalese killed in iraq is the result and the side effect of the nepalis in british army…even though they are not army personnel and not only gurung magar they were from all the cast,their only fault is they are poor and they are nepali………again i salute to all the known and unknown martyrs who fought for the country and keep safe from invaders…(martyrs are those people who died the cause for the country not for the personnel or any political interest of the national and international parties and agents……)for the more information look up on the some of the sugauli treaty in internet …we need to unite not divide, and forget all these tiny issue like cast and selfishness…fight against the injustice and inequality committed by british and indians ,claim back our land and our respect as a human beings…….brief of sugauli treaty:
    teritory of Nepal also included Darjeeling, and Tista to the east, Nainital to the south-west and Kumaun, Garwal and Bashahar to the west. However, today these areas are a part of India.
    agrees to settle pensions to the aggregate amount of two lakhs of rupees per annum on such chiefs as may be decided by the king of Nepal.
    9.This treaty shall be ratified by the King of Nepal within 15 days from this date, and the ratification shall be delivered to Lt. Col. Bradshaw, who engages to obtain and deliver to the king the ratification of the Governor-General within 20 days, or sooner, if practicable.

  17. to the latest , lets be practical right, i agree with thing which u have said , but the irony is nepal is heavily dependent on india economically , politically and geogrpahical side, india as we know never want to give back our land, british dont care, and our politics are busy fighting for power, and as we are all aware about the state condition of nepal, nepal has not been able to control herself, and we are starting to campaign for greater nepal.
    Ok for instance lets assume if nepal gets its lost land, can we control them politically, economically, socially, culturally(as process of integration).
    nepal is not in state of that, so better we first solve and address our primary issues,and at least create stability, security and a lawful country. so in future we can strongly claim back our land without fear of economic blockade , political and military oppression .
    thank you, united we stand , divided we fall. 🙂
    Badal thapa magar.

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