New Year’s Eve With Party UK Nepal!

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect the year of 2011 [the highs and lows] and let loose and party basically for ‘living’. Yes, simple as that. What could be a grander reason then to celebrate the year, celebrate life and celebrate the new year ahead. And do it in style with Party UK Nepal on the 31st December at Club Colloseum, after all if we are to believe the myths then 2012 might certainly be the last for us [i dont believe the crap]. The event organizers are back in their favourite hub in Vauxhall with DJ Bickey, DJ Suraj and DJ Aman on the 31st when the party shall kick off at 10PM and run through till 6AM in the morning. There will even be a live countdown just before the clock strikes 12! 

Boys and girls. Party. Drink. Dance. Most importantly, be with friends you can rely on and set yourself a resolution for the night too… such as avoid fighting. Have a good one all!

PS. Free drink with a Exclusive VIP ticket!




Aman London 07875550651
Rajib Camberley 07817879511

Facebook Event Page
Lex Limbu
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  1. i HAVE ALWAYS ATTEND pARTYUKNepal Party UNFORYUANately i cant this time 🙁 iM IN nEPAL ATM !!sAFEE eVERYONEE

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