SOONGAVA – Upcoming Nepali Movie

There’s a movie which is currently in it’s post-production stage that will most probably release  only in 2012 and it’s called Snow Flowers. Before you think this is another foreign made Nepali movie then let me clear your questions, the movie has been directed by Subarna Thapa and the heroes of the movie are Diya Maskey and Nisha Adhikari. This movie is simple. A simple love story between two women. Director Thapa is not out to make a ‘gay movie’, but he’s just creating a cinema that portrays the ‘love’ that blossoms between two individuals.

Also Stars
Laxmi Giri
Nisha Sharma
Saugat Malla
Sunil Babu Pant (CA Member)

This is also the movie for which actress Nisha Adhikari chopped her hair off. Also Snow Flowers has been extensively covered by few Nepali media as well as international press. Here are the relevant links with more deets! Republica! Hufftington Post! API Blog! Kathmandu Post!

PS. The fifth video from Lex in Nepal is Gay Pride Nepal 2011 which will be uploaded this Sunday at 8PM on youtube! Poster is below, don’t forget to watch it 😀

Looks like 2012 set’s out to be a banging year for Nepali Cinema – Loot, Goodbye Kathmandu, Shayad, Snow Flowers – WHAT ELSE?

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