Chapali Height – Sexy Nepali Movie

Binita Baral may have been left embarrassed after producer Krisha Chaulagain removed her from what was set to be her debut movie but now it look’s like things could not have been any better for the petite actress as she is set to start the promotional campaign for her first movie CHAPALI HEIGHT. An odd name you must be thinking, well this height will have love, romance and also give you some thrills. If the word going around the movie circuit is true then there’s even a threesome scene in the film. Bold, dare I say! The film has already brought the actress in a controversy again after digitally altered photo’s were published in mainstream media that led everyone to believe she had appeared topless. Binita quickly reacted to that by holding an impromptu press conference and presenting the original images to the media.

The movie which also stars Raj Ghimire and Amir Gautam has been directed by Dipendra K Khanal and is based on a story of a girl (Binita) living in a hotel where two guys have fallen head over heels in love with her. Sources confirm that there are plenty of ‘sexy’ scenes in the movie and go as far as saying this could very well be a Nepali ‘Murder’ however it is yet to be seen if the Nepali Censor Board will actually accept all these ‘sexy’ scenes.

Watch Out For It. Chapali Height is coming soon.

Lex Limbu
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  1. We Nepali always spent time talking and digging bad about other …..I would say Binita just acted in the movie to give a new test n also to exhibit the reality of real life…we should respect her n I personally wish her all the best ….moreover she is an actress n she has to act as the movie wants…it is not that she is what in the movie….we Nepali should see how world is going on.I know it is hard to accept the truth,but we have to otherwise we nepali will be always behind….common guys let’s support Binita n expect versatile role from her in future…god bless u binita

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