T-FEST’s Official Line-up

The Official Line-up for T-FEST is right here. Those that applied must have been waiting eagerly for this moment so let me not prolong this. Don’t forget to read below to find out what’s going to happen next and how you (non-participants) can also be involved in the event.
Solo Artists:
JIT PUN – Representing University of Kent
DEEPAK GURUNG – Farnborough
PABIN GURUNG – Catterick
DIPESH LAMA – Aldershot
ASHIK GURUNG – Folkestone
HIGH STREET – Plumstead
SPEEDBALL – Maidstone
NEWBIES – London
Now all of the mentioned acts from above will be playing the three dates which will kick off on the 13th February at the The o2 (The Pen Club) in London followed by Farnborough then Maidstone. Think of it as a mini-tour. All of the participants will have to perform different songs for each date and the video from each event will be uploaded online where the public can vote for their favourite. You at home can also come to cheer your favourite artist/band live at the three dates! Once the votes from the videos from all three different events (London/Farnborough/Maidstone) are counted then the TOP 6 will be announced on the 22ND MARCH. The lucky TOP 6 will go through to the finals which will take place on the 12th April at Proud 2 in London where for the only time the public will get to vote during the finals at the event through a token number system as well as judges being present at the event.

Now what’s in it for the band? What’s up for grabs?
  • Winner of the Best Self Composed Song will get a FREE Music video by Clearcut Production.
  • Best Artist/Band will win £700 and a recording deal with a music video to be released in Nepal.
  • Top Songs will be included for the T-FEST 2012 Compilation Album.

Most importantly, what money can’t give you… this event at the end of it will give you exposure. Even if you don’t win, thousands online and at the event will know you, sing with you and maybe also become your fan. 


More details on the T-FEST Event Page

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