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Pabin Gurung aka Pabzee Phame

As an Artist I consider my name as ‘Pabzee Phame’. Born and raised in Nepal, Pokhara my hometown. But shortly at the age of just 7, came to UK and have been living here ever since. Life,Love,Family and Music are the four things that I consider essential in my life. Growing up, it was hard, but it was through music, that I could express my emotions and feelings towards how I felt. Throughout Music is how I get respect and let people know who I truly am. When people normally ask who your main inspiration in music is? People normally start naming lots of artists, but to me, my main inspirations are my family and love. However successful I become in music or anything, I do it for them, they mean the world to me. When it comes to the genre of the music, I mostly like all types of music, whether its Rock or hip-hop etc. It makes no difference to me.

I would love to be a singer but unfortunately I wasn’t gifted with the voice for singing.
So that’s why I started Rapping and I turned out to be better than I thought.
What I initially love most about music is performing. I love performing.
Honestly, nothing gets better then the crowd enjoying and having a good time from your performance. Once I get a good vibes from crowd it really makes me feel better and improve as an artist. Apart from my passion for music, I also like to play football & Basketball.

Last but Not least! I’m proud to be a Nepali!
So whatever I do, I’m representing Nepal! 
He’s got the swag!! But check out if he has the voice!!!
Lex Limbu
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