Style Guru : Shail Upadhya

How many of you know Shail Upadhya?

Shail is quite a budding name in the fashion/art circuit. He is known for his eccentric suits and off the wall clothing. All of his suits are custom made and what he brings on the table that many cannot; hand painted clothing. Intense right! Having acted the part of a responsible son by acquiring a respectable UN job, Shail was limiting himself from doing what he truly wanted. His political work relates strongly to his family background which extends to cousins that were former Prime Ministers of Nepal, however it’s his flamboyant style and manner that’s getting a lot of attention from people everywhere he goes. Upadhya may be older than most working alongside him in the business but he is ready to follow his childhood creative pursuit. 

Shail has graced countless fashion events and been featured on Forbes, New York Times to various fashion blogs. Though he’s not been in the scene recently, it can surely be expected that this youthful soul is ready to strike us with his brand soon.

Shail Upadhya channels the ’80s in a white leisure suit with day-glo shapes during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February 2010.
Here, the diplomat salutes the avant garde with his pop art top and Mondrian slacks.
Shail is now working on his own line of hand-painted clothing inspired by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, and Wassily Kandinsky.

“People are very insecure as far as fashion is concerned. It’s just something they do to look good and not be criticized, so a quick answer for them is to buy for the brand. I am my own brand.” Shail Upadhya

Image: Forbes Image , StyleLikeU

Lex Limbu
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  1. dang boi’

    Style is all about how a person carries oneself..and this man here’ he’s impeccable!!

  2. Well i have a similar story .. after a bachelors degree i could finally chase my dreams .. and often i felt too old but again you think what the fuck !!this is what i want and i am finally being true to my callings and you really stop worrying about what everyone else thinks 🙂

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