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Dristi Nepal is a an NGO led by ex-female drug users that seek to address the issues related to female drug use and drug led HIV. We are aware of and can see several drug rehabilitation services providing for those habituated to drug use, however Dristi Nepals main reason for existence is to serve the female drug users who are highly unnoticed by the government and are invisible in their community. The NGO was established back in 2006 in Kathmandu and since then has gone on to realise the need for better services outside of Kathmandu. An Eastern Terai regional Dharan branch was opened in 2008, just two years later.

If you are currently suffering from dependency on drugs or know someone who can make the best of what Dristi Nepal has to offer then do drop by for these services listed below –

  • Drop-in-Centre (friendly staff)
  • Individual/Family counselling
  • Referrals for VCT (Voluntary counselling & testing for HIV)
  • Referrals for drug & alcohol treatment and many more.
Even if you do not suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, do visit Dristi Nepal to find out how they are making an impact and turning over a new leaf in peoples lives. The organisation also does a great deal in raising awareness, after all prevention is a lot better than cure. Efforts to rehabilitate ex-drug users include skill development activities where the members have in the past been taught to ways to make candles.

Dristi Nepal is still a growing organisation and it is still looking for ways to improve and prosper. If you can in any way contribute towards the growth of the organisation then that would be amazing. Contribution does not necessarily have to be through money but it can be through hosting events that spread the message of Dristi Nepal or alternatively inviting Dristi Nepal to your school if necessary. 

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