Paplu Song From HIGHWAY

Due to the current political uncertainty in Nepal the release date of HIGHWAY has been postponed till the 20th of July. The film which has repeatedly made news all over has already generated a lot of interest and expectations. With the film showcased at the recent Berlin International Film Festival, it’s not surprising why people wouldn’t be so hopeful from Highway. It feels like Kagbeni and Sano Sansar, all over again.

To ease the wait for the viewers, the makers have published the video for the song PAPLU on their official youtube channel. Paplu is an energetic track composed by the famed musician Manoj Kumar KC. I was quite surprised to know Subani Moktan was the woman behind the vocals. Loved it. She’s definitely showing her versatility in terms of vocal. I like the song… quite catchy! The video works for the reason that we get to see glimpses of the stories that HIGHWAY brings, however I sense something lacking with the dance performance given by actress Reecha Sharma. It might be the choreography or her level of energy shown. Do share your views readers. 

Highway is shaping up to be a delightful watch. Once again, lets not let our expectations kill the movie (has happened many times before). It’s better to expect little and be overwhelmed.

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  1. its in the video already, they(themakers) have mentioned that, its not the lack of choreography but they are, you know, trying to show the way nepali bar girls dance aba of course they don’t dance with grace and all hola ;D

  2. im sure this movie is good but the so called hd cameras that nepali filmmakers use really takes away the cinematic feel of the film. it feels like i am watching an amateur video on youtube rather than a movie.

  3. OMG her face luks soo poooor. i would never do her. i hope her vagigal is full wit maggots. but still u need yur move yur botty gal. xoxo gossip gal

  4. song is good …goes with the bar theme..but….why on earth they had to cast reecha sharma on this song??? She doesn’t have that charm, grace, and top of all the dance moves one need to have with this kind of song!!! her moves look incomplete and also she lacks energy…Common…there are hell lot of good dancers in the industry!! Nepali movie makers should really cast people with capability not name and goodwill….

  5. I don’t understand why people did not like reecha in this song….if we see reecha looks real sex workers…cheap and loud make up of her and the way she dances here is quite appropriate….. her character is not of a dancer but she must dance because it is part of her job…so it is obvious her dance won’t be graceful and attractive..

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