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Our very own Nepali Shakira Indira Joshi has been featured in a Sri Lankan song! Just 1 Click by Sri Lanka’s maestro of hip-hop IRAJ and Tony T also features Infaas and Markia. Indira Joshi who provides the chorus for the song really does stand out, I am loving the feel and the vibe that the song gives off. The video, especially the portions of Indira Joshi could have definitely been made better. Those sun-glasses are a bit too 2006 and make the beautiful woman look a little trashy. Nonetheless, I think this is huge… for Indira Joshi as well as for our Nepali language; in-between the other languages she’s there singing away in Nepali. Respect.

PS. Have you checked her out in the Shakira-type video! I love it. Links below.

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