Nepali Film Badhshala in March

Director Manoj Pandit returns this March with the film Badhshala. The Dasdhunga director has a strong star cast with Anup Baral, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Arpan Thapa, Sarita Giri, Samuna KC and more. The film has a strong focus on the Maoist insurgency that killed over 13,000 between 1996-2006. The official theatrical trailer was only released few weeks ago along with the cinema release of Soongava. Badhshala will be hitting theatres across Nepal on the 8th of March. The film will also release on the same date in the UK. Producer Mohaan Dotel of Smashing Apple Pvt. Ltd. confirmed that HAB (UK) have acquired the distribution rights for the UK.

Smashing Apple Pvt Ltd team with Naving Gurung of HAV (UK)
Smashing Apple Pvt Ltd team with Naving Gurung of HAB (UK)

Judging by the trailer, Badhshala looks set to be a good watch. On top of that, I am very eager to see it as I thoroughly enjoyed Dasdhunga few years ago and the powerful cast just makes this film a lot more promising. Samuna KC is surely one actress you need to watch out for, her work in 1 Percent and Dhanda were brilliant.

PS. HAV does not exist anymore, it is HAB from now onwards.

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