Badhshala To Be Banned

Upcoming Nepali film Badshala has been banned from screening by the Ministry of Information and Communications due to the misuse of Nepal Army uniform. The unfortunate news was received via a letter by the officials at the Nepali Cinema Development Board. The film has a strong focus on the Maoist insurgency. This is indeed a sad news for the film-team and Nepali Cinema itself. Badhshala was expected to release in Nepal and the UK on 8th March.

We hope that both parties come to an agreement and that the film does get the green light.

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Nepali Film Badhshala in March
Lex Limbu
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  1. Unbelievable! People are so tempted with all these politics that they start baning movies for political reasons too. Isn’t it something like ‘Keep political solidarity and KILL ARTS ?’

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