The Good The Bad and The Ugly at TGIF Nepal Fashion Week


GD Nepal Fashion Week 3

I like the idea of this dress.

GD Nepal Fashion Week 9

Apart from the ill-fitting top, Miss Nepal 2013 contestant Oshima Banu shines in this fresh coloured sari.

GD Nepal Fashion Week 10

This is classy and very current.

Samriddhi Rai

Samriddhi Rai looks sexy in the black dress! So much elegance and charm.

Miss Nepal 2012 Team

Of course, the Miss Nepal 2012 team gotta have the best!

Nagma Shrestha Nepal Fashion Week

This looks like a wonderful creation.

Usha Khadgi Nepal Fashion Week

Miss Nepal 2000 Usha Khadgi looks flawless! Don’t quite know if its the dress or her.


AWK Nepal Fashion Week 3

I just don’t feel this… looks very boring and lacks inspiration.

AWK Nepal Fashion Week 4

This resembles a design from The Good section but I don’t get the idea here. Its fit for a 90’s popstar though.

Awk Nepal Fashion Week 6

Looks like a dress to avoid buying.

AWK Nepal Fashion Week 8

The dress has left me speechless. It looks stitched…

Awk Nepal Fashion Week 9

Another speechless design, and you would wear this to where exactly?

Awk Nepal Fashion Week 10

Yes, we are proud Nepalis but that dress is just a NO.

AWK Nepal Fashion Week

And this is called disaster… worst fashion faux pas!

Having browsed through few hundred photos of Day 1 of The Himalayan Times TGIF Nepal Fashion Week, I have to be brutally honest and say that a lot of the designs fell right into The Bad and The Ugly category. Majority of ‘The Good’ designs were worn by the countless celebrities that walked the ramp on Day 1 of the four-day long fashion event. Even they didn’t get away with it, I’ve wrote about my views on the dresses worn by Jharana Bajracharya and Priyanka Karki on a separate post, do view that too.

On a positive note, huge kudos for everyone involved in the organizing of the event and the designers and the teams backstage.  Our Nepali models are also doing a great job. I am quite disappointed with the many designs that made it’s way on to the ”biggest fashion event” of Nepal. As a viewer I expected better designs showing some knack for creativity and raising the bar higher. I am not expecting a lot but I was expecting clothes that were visually enticing. I do not know fashion or have any interest whatsoever, but I do have an opinion and I am using this blog as a medium to share my views and would like to invite my readers to share theirs. Many of the designs look rushed and pushed on to the ramp showcasing minimal inspiration, I am fully confident that our upcoming and current designers are of greater potential than what we’ve seen in few of these photos. Hoping for better in the days to come.

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  1. What else can we expect from a “fashion event” that tries to be so exclusive to the extent of shunning the media (even its own inhouse writers/photographers) from its list of invitees, while distributing passes to all the dozens of old, business mens who have zero knowledge on the subject.

  2. Appreciated all works so innovative… Keep going this gonna bring lot of new talents in the business…:-) obviously every project will not go beyond perfection so regard both bad and good quality..

  3. Mr. Limbu, first of all, the wrong choice of word “ugly”, You should knw what to speak/write actually u jz blog abt things,correct? Jus that u dnt like things doesn’t mean everybody has to feel the same (since u have many followers n ur a CELEBRITY married to Angelina jolie- we don’t give a shit who u r) you aren’t a designer, fashion critic, in fact nothing related to fashion, so u think you can judge designs based on your blogging experience? A professional like you, shouldn’t be using the word “ugly” on anyone’s creation. next- designs n dresses that run on the runway/fashion shows doesn’t have to be “”and you would wear this to where exactly?””(as quoted by YOU.) “it looks stitched”-what does that mean? Frankly, u don’t hv the right to judge abt the designs(unless you’re McQueen or Karl….) ur job is to fill your blog with pictures that others click, n blabber abt it. THE next time plz T-Rex Limbu, post pics to fill ur blog jz don’t write anything on ur own. CHOOSE UR WORDS WISELY. go get a job.

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