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Sinam Ambulance Service

The annual Nepalese Doctors Association UK’s charity dinner is all set to take place on Saturday 20th April at Costa Cafe in North Middlesex University Hospital. The fundraiser will be attended by Councillor Kate Anolue Mayor of Enfield and MP Charles Walker, members of NDA (UK) and many individuals from the growing Nepalese community in the UK. Project coordinator Dr Beena Subba has set out an ambitious target to raise funds to provide an ambulance service for Sinam, a village in the Eastern district of Taplejung, Nepal. The introduction of the ambulance service in Sinam is expected to increase health services for the village with a large number of elderly. The ambulance will also be a faster means to transport frail patients to major hospitals. As the approaching Millenium Development Goal deadline approaches, less than 1000 days, this initiative for an ambulance service could not have come at a better time.

In Sinam, 2009.
In Sinam, 2009.

On the 20th, I will also be making a short presentation about the Sinam Ambulance Service. I am very happy to be part of such a wonderful initiative and cannot wait to go back and see it in action next year. The charity dinner is open for all, if the time permits, please join this wonderful event on Saturday 20th April. More information available through Dr Beena Subba.

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