Krishnamaya’s Death Shocks The Nepali Community

Police Tape

The Nepali community in the UK are in deep shock after learning about the death of 39 year old Krishnamaya Mabo. Mabo was reported missing by her family on Sunday night. Her body was discovered in a field off Robin Hood Copse, between Castle Hill and Eversley Road, near Arborfield Garrison at around 1PM on Monday afternoon (03/06/2013). Police are currently questioning a 30 year old man on suspicion of murdering Krishnamaya Mabo. The man who was living at an address in the local area is currently in police custody. The BBC reports that a post-mortem examination is due to be carried out later. The police are also calling for anyone that might have been walking in the area on Sunday afternoon or evening to contact them.

That is all that has been confirmed so far. There are various stories floating around… From what I’ve heard, I believe the man is not Nepali.

Hopefully the police will get to the bottom of this and the person behind this crime receives time. Rest in peace to Krishnamaya’s soul, prayers for her family and friends…


UPDATE: I have removed the photo of Krishnamaya after following some people’s request. Just to inform you, this crime has been reported on more than a dozen media outlets from BBC, SKY NEWS, ITV, Kantipur, Reading local paper, Woking and more… I wasn’t the first to share such information. And they have actually shared the photo as well. (05/06/2013)

Lex Limbu
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  1. Lex, it would have been better if you have blurred her picture, her family is already suffering it will just make worse. I believe your intention was to inform people of this heinous crime but she was raped and murdered, you need to respect her family’s privacy.

  2. Our thoughts are with her family. May she find peace with our lord 🙁

    Nima, you have revealed far more than Lex did which I think would affect her family more. Rape often sees women lose their self/dignity. I think Lex has written the article in a dignified and respectful way, the photo is irrelevant. It is truly a heinous and incomprehensible crime to have lost your mother/daughter/aunt to :'(

  3. Thank you Lex for removing her picture @ Jelly beanI am not crticizing what Lex has written, I just said putting her picture is wrong and I have problem with all these big media house who blurr picture of criminal and yet thinks it’s all right to show picture of victim.
    Condolence to the grieving family.

  4. Dear Lex, can you please delete all of the comments on this post by Nima and Jellybean. It reveals too much information which is not good for the family.

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