Namrata Shrestha And Arpan Thapa in MAUN

Namrata Shrestha and Arpan Thapa will be coming to a screen near you with MAUN in August. The duo who were last seen in the much talked about film Chhadke are preparing for the Suraj Bhushal directed film to release very soon. Maun – The Loud Silence has been written by Arpan Thapa. Hmm! Well silence huh – maybe its a story about a one-sided relationship but then the  teaser trailer above proves this theory wrong… or maybe one of them cannot speak?

Nepali Film Maun 2 Nepali Film Maun

I guess we’ll have to find that out in August. After LOOT I think Nepali films have been more experimental, from films about historical incidents, dreams, gangs and unconventional love stories. It will be nice to see Maun, to me it comes across more as a simple love story. And having seen Namrata in Sano Sansar and Mero Euta Saathi Cha, I think she might be able to tackle this genre of film better. Arpan Thapa is one of the finest actor that we have so the pairing of these two should definitely work the film.

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