Fans of Wilson Bikram Rai AKA Takme Budo will be pleased to view and hear his latest offering, 19 FAUNTIN!

In the video for 19 FAUNTIN, the multi-talented Takme Budo is seen singing in the recording studio. The video has been directed by Prakash Ojha. Mr Ojha has aged… must be the grey hairs – then again we’re all growing old every day. Wilson has appeared in several films including Saayad, Producer and Rhythm till date but his TAKME BUDO character continues to grab the interest of Nepalis all over the world. Takme Budo and Mangne Budo are currently on a tour in Europe. The duo has been winning the hearts of thousands of Nepalis from Denmark to Portugal.

Hit Play! If it’s not your cuppa tea then pass it along to your parents ; )

Takme Budo in Denmark
Takme Budo in Denmark
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