Free WiFi For Sajha Yatayat Passengers Very Soon!!

Sajha Yatayat Women Driver

Looks like the city folks will soon be hooked onto their phones 24/7!

Kathmandu’s very own Sajha Yatayat is currently in preparation to provide free WiFi service to its passengers across the capital. The Sajha Bus comeback story has been a huge success with service provided to over 2.7 million commuters in the last year and collecting over NRS 39 Million in revenues from ticket sales.

Manager of Sajha Yatayat, Mahendra Raj Pandey caught up with Republica to announce the preparations being made to introduce wifi service for its passengers, extend the service in other districts and possibly launch an international service in the near future!

Oooh sounds all good but lets stick to improving the service in the valley, nearby and across Nepal before one jumps to international cities hoina ra??

PS. It’s pretty interesting to read about Kathmandu really trying to make the most out of the wireless internet. I can’t believe it’s only been a few years since WIFI was introduced in the London Underground network. Zzzz.

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  1. This is very good news.. But i hope wi-fi is not slow.. maybe 3g or 4g.. But for their next step i would say upgrade their buses like international standards for nepali or non-nepali would feel comfortable to ride in! Like smooth riding watching you tube on my ipad. That would be awesome!

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